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MobileFeedback helps you gather, manage, and respond to user feedback seamlessly. Enhance your app’s performance by understanding user needs and addressing their concerns quickly.

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80% of apps fail because developers don't understand user feedback

Navigating user reviews, feature requests, and bug reports can be overwhelming.


Important user feedback gets lost in a sea of reviews.


Managing feature requests manually is time-consuming.

Delayed responses to user issues can lead to negative reviews.


Save Hours Managing Feedback from Multiple Sources


Perfect for indie app developers and small startups



USD / per year

  • Unlimited apps
  • Feedback Collection API
  • Feature Request API
  • Review management dashbord
  • Auto reply with AI

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Hundreds of Developers are Improving Their Apps with MobileFeedback!

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    • MobileFeedback has revolutionized how I manage user feedback. The integration was seamless, and the dashboard makes it incredibly easy to track and respond to user comments. It's saved me so much time!

      Jane D.
    • Using MobileFeedback, we can now gather all our app reviews in one place and analyze them effectively. The insights we've gained have been invaluable in improving our app's user experience.

      John S.
    • MobileFeedback is a game-changer! The API integration was straightforward, and the real-time notifications ensure we never miss a user comment. Our team can now address issues promptly, enhancing our app's reputation.

      Maria K.
    • David H.

      "Managing feedback used to be a hassle, but MobileFeedback has changed that completely. The platform is intuitive, and the ability to analyze feedback in real-time has greatly improved our design iterations."

    • MobileFeedback has streamlined our feedback management process. The real-time notifications and detailed reports help us stay on top of user concerns, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

      Linda P.
    • Implementing MobileFeedback was one of the best decisions we made. The comprehensive API and user-friendly dashboard have made it easy to collect and act on user feedback, significantly enhancing our app's functionality.

      Chris R.

Simplify Feedback Management

Easily integrate our API to collect and manage user feedback in one place. Enhance your app’s performance with actionable insights.